Photos from Brande 2017 are online!


Photos by Jan Lo --janwerners Pulling-Bilder--
All my photos without effects or cutting! All photos are original! 
Photos are not in high resolution! 
You want to use some photos for your facebook- or your website? 
Write a mail to:

I hope the DTP - Dansk Tractor-Pulling Organisation - will find a new idea for the press at Brande...At the Euro Cup event at Brande 2017, it was not possible to take good photos and of course it was NOT possible to see the pull's..because A LOT OF PEOPLE stood in front of!
It's not so difficult to  knien or else..When I go on the track..I did it also..!

"To keep in thread with the new policies implemented during the 2015 season in Brande, we continue to optimize the experience for our paying audience, who increasingly has been complaining about the number of photographers present at trackside. "

This is a small quote of a mail I got from the DTP.

I need also to payed the full entrence and I want also to see a good show like the public!

That was not possible this year!
Kind regards,

Jan Lo


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